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Calcutta Gold fittings are made for life time trouble free service. Calcutta Gold fittings are lead free, possess high pressure handling capacity & the smooth inner surface ensures high flow rate. Its well ebgubeered design & formula gives it great strength at a lighter weight & enables an easy installation.


Fields of Application:

Calcutta Gold brand UPVC fittings are used in Bathrooms, Kitchens,Toilets, Swimming Pools, Salted Water lines, Sugar & Paper industries,Dye Plants,Chorme, Zinc Plating & Tanning industries.


Features & Benefits:


Calcutta Gold brand UPVC fittings are Lead free,UV resistant,Fire resistant, Easy to install,Durable, Cost effective, Environmental Impact, Chemical and corrosion resistant, Low Thermal conductivity, Maximum Flow Rate.


Available Sizes:

SCH 80 : ½” to 1 ½”



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